3D Body Model


Objective: simulate body's organs and how it changes when the medecine enters the body. Our partner want to send the messages via this project about the dangers of hypertension as well as to promote the drug products that they produce.

The model describes the interaction effect of the body on drugs and the activity of human organs, especially the heart when patients have high blood pressure. The project aims to raise awareness about the dangers then customers will have a knowledge of the disease as well as treatment and prevention. In addition, the project also describes the performance of bad and good cholesterol, allowing users to have a visual view of the disease, immerse themselves in the virtual environnment and understand the effects of drugs on the body. .

This simulation is one of the examples of the Virtual Reality's application. Beside the games, DFM also builds simulation software and applications such as flow simulation, vehicle accident simulation, 3D models applied in vocational education and training.