VR Tourist


Objective: Integrating Virtual Reality (VR) technology into Tourism teaching and training

Works: Developing a tourism training program with VR technology, allowing users to experience the tourist landscape with 3D perspective.

DFM VR deploys a high-tech tourism training project for Hue College of Tourism.

For teachers: lesson are composed entirely in 3D 360 images. Teachers will be provided with software, tools to support photography, image editing.

For students: students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the view while listening to the lecture from the teacher, as if the student were traveling at that point.

In this project, our purpose is to bring perspective, practical experience for users, create the excitement for students to the lecture, help students acquire the lectures. And, besides teaching VR technology, we also designed an interface for teachers and students. For teachers, they can create lectures, tests and manage the students. For students, they can exchange directly with teachers, do the test through the platform.

The product uses modern devices such as HTC vive virtual reality glasses, 360 SamSung Gear cameras. The system allows connecting up to 30 virtual reality machines, displaying the same content, easy for teachers to teach students.