Marketing VR

19/11/2019 | Application

Virtual reality is a type of technology that allows users to immersive and experience in a simulated environment, which is completely 3D configured by computers and without the appearance of the real world. Currently, businesses come up with innovative VR marketing ideas to attract customers' attention. Why are marketers so excited about VR marketing, or virtual reality marketing?

From a sales perspective, VR is a potential tool to stir up the current business market and continue to grow in the future. The number of VR headsets sold could reach 82 million within the next two years. At such a rate, it is expected that the impact that Virtual Reality will bring will reach 29.5 billion by 2020.

The importance of VR in the market

Virtual Reality solutions have changed the way businesses interact with customers. From retail to online services, VR solutions are revolutionizing the current era, providing a better user experience than ever before. Virtual Reality technology has now demonstrated its capabilities through useful applications in many fields, not just the gaming industry.

Virtual tourism

Virtual tourism is an innovative form of tourism that anywhere users can experience. Thanks to this VR solution, users can visit destinations that they cannot afford to go there. A simple method that saves users time and money. Indeed, there are many attractive places but few tourists. So users will have the opportunity to explore vivid scenery and realistic sound when combined with VR headsets. A virtual tour can be profitable for travel businesses because they can provide users with trailers about places visitors will visit. This can develop interest in the visitors, creating interest for customers before they book that trip.

Smart home

VR promotes a variety of industries and among them is interior design. Virtual reality is an innovative turning point in the field of real estate and architecture. Today, as infrastructure is booming, more and more businesses come up with different ideas. Through this VR solution, customers can visualize the house they want to build. Virtual Reality experience can help users better understand the requirements that they need so that it is easy to agree with the developer / real estate on design, architecture ... Therefore, Virtual Reality architecture solution will increase the level of user satisfaction before starting actual construction.

Improve mental health

There are people with disabilities who are unable to walk or some diseases make them powerless in life. So there are health care organizations that have solutions that help people with disabilities do what they can't. Virtual Reality rejuvenation methods integrate into the virtual environment, making them feel as if they are part of the real world. Therefore, this innovative VR solution will help them have a positive view in the present life, improve mental and physical health. VR is bringing new hope for a better future in all areas.