Yatch VR Prototyping


Objective: Check the yatchs interiors & configuration without a physical prototype

Work: Scanning and creating materials from real samples, 3D models optimization, VR navigation and interaction

Still ongoing, this project aims to prove that VR prototyping can reduce the amount of iterations in design and the need for one or more physicial prototypes at 1:1 scale.

Each boat has multiple interior configurations, depending of the materials used. Thoses materials are specific to each company and need to be scanned to allow for a realistic rendering (Physically Based Rendering). This allow the users to visualize the impact of the lightning, in real time.

A new version, currently under development, will allow to directly modify the geometry, right from the VR mode. This will accelerate design and allow remote collaboration.


First rendering test, with place-holders materials.


First rendering test, with place-holders materials.


Another yatch, with artificial-only lightning and scanned materials.


VR visualization in the Oculus Rift.


Dynamic shadows to improve immersion.


Scanned materials are built to be procedurally generated.