Flow Simulation Viewer


A project with Airbus.

Currently, DOFI does not come with its own visualization component; hence, the external tool ParaView is adopted for visualization and post-processing, especially, in visualizing the time-variation of the flow fields and in extracting contours, streamlines or vector plots of the flow variables. To load ParaView from DOFI, users can either click Post Processing> Para Foam or click the button on the Execution toolbar. In this user guide, the post processing procedure by ParaView is briefly discussed to highlight the various possibilities. Details on functions and operation in ParaView are all discussed and well-illustrated in every DOFI tutorials.

The case is controlled from the left panel, which contains the following

- Pipeline Browser lists the modules opened in ParaView, where the selected modules are highlighted in blue and the graphics for the given module can be enabled or disabled by clicking the eye button along side.

- Properties panel contains the input selections for the case, such as times, regions and fields. 

- Display panel controls the visual representation of the selected module, e.g. colours,… 

- Information panel gives case statistics such as mesh geometry and size.

- Object Inspector is constituted by Properties panel, Display panel and Information panel.