Pharmavie VR Experience


Objective: Display a whole pharmacy at the 34th Pharmavie's congress in Vienna

Work: Application concept, Code, UI, modeling and rendering. Display on site.

VR project comissionned by Pharmavie (Ivry Lab - Phoenix group) for the 34th Pharmavie Congress in Vienna.

Full length video:

Attendants were able to experience the VR app made in Unreal using the HTC Vive.

Specification was to build a short experience, interactive and fun, showcasing the Pharmavie's V3 concept, Pharmavie's products as well as all the partners products and brands.

After a short tutorial, the user is given 30 sec to hit as many targets as possible, each one destroying one piece of furniture in an old, cartoony pharmacy. After this stage, the user is transported into the same pharmacy, which has been updated to the Pharmavie's V3 concept, including merchandising and branding. The user then explore the pharmacy, picking up typical products in the shelves, enjoying the concept and customer experience provided by the brand.








Old pharmacy that the user transforms by hitting the targets.


Old pharmacy that the user transforms by hitting the targets.