Wind Turbines

  • Objective: Visualize wind turbines on a scanned landscape, at different scales and with dynamic wind simulation for wakes visualization
  • Work: Lighting, coding interactions and physics, integrating dynamic fluids simulation

Visualizing future big-scale energy projects in VR is now quite usual, but it often lacks interactivity, dynamic simulation and realism.

The main goals of our take on such a project was to achieve fidelity in rendering the landscape (UVA scanned), the turbines and lighting. Moreover, it was important to add some interactivity for the user, turning a simple visualization into a real VR experience.

The user is thus allowed to grab the wind turbines, rotate them manually and change scale to experience the whole field configuration through many points of view. All interactions use physics, either by grabing elements or by pushing real buttons.

Wind and turbulence simulation allow to visualize where the turbines wakes are generated and how they interfere with each other, depending on the turbines' positions. Any wind strength and orientation can be simulated.

Wind and wakes simulation
Scaling the miniature model
Capture at 1:1 scale