Car Concept

  • Objective: Build a VR car showroom proof-of-concept from scratch, with procedurally generated materials.
  • Work: Car model, car materials using Substance Designer, Showroom, VR interface and interactions

This short project aimed to demonstrate that a VR car showroom could be created rapidly and effectively, using HTC Vive controllers as input to change materials, lightning or seats. Every materials on the car were procedurally generated using Substance Designer, as a way to test our workflow using it.

It also highlighted issues with current VR rendering pipelines : screen space reflections and complex realtime lightning are not yet fully working in VR, causing visual artefacts and heavily impacting performance. Those issues are currently being worked on, with alternative approaches or different pipeline altogether. In the meantime, hitting 90 fps all the time is a challenge and every project needs to be carrefully planned to achieve this framerate.

Materials can be changed in realtime, with many colors but also different reflectivity.