NVEquipment VR awning app

  • Objective: Visualize impact of the awning on the boat model, using realtime lightning changes and global illumination
  • Work: Models, realtime lightning changes, experimental global illumination, VR interface & performance management

App showcased at Mets Trade 2016 and Paris Nautic 2016.

For NVequipment, the main goal of this project was to demonstrate the power of VR to validate design choices early in the production process and to help customers in their choices. Users feedbacks proved thoses points and NVEquipment now plans to use VR in ongoing projects to speed up the design process and to build a virtual showroom for all of its products.

Using realtime lightning and experimental global illumination was mandatory to track shadows at different times of the day and get a realistic "feeling" of the light on board. Moreover, it allowed to check the impact of the sun protection on the different users'seats position and the general aspect of the boat.

In this version, it is thus possible to use Vive's controllers to teleport yourself inside and out of the boat for viewing, to accelerate or stop the day-night cycle and to change materials and configurations of the hood, all in realtime.

Next version, currently under development, will allow to switch between boats, view the product's cinematic and different configurations. It will also be used for training new employees unfamiliar with the awning industry.

The 3 available configurations in the current app version.
Real-time light propagation volumes and dynamic day-night cycle, taking location and time of year into account.
NVEquipment stand at Mets Trade 2016, Amsterdam
NVEquipment stand at Paris Nautic 2016.